310s stainless steel seamless pipe detailed introduction

The raw materials used in the production of 310s stainless steel seamless pipes are mainly continuous casting round pipe billets and rolled round steel. Ensuring the quality of steel billets is the first step to ensure the quality of steel pipes. It mainly includes steelmaking level, pouring and cooling process and forming. The first is to improve the level of steelmaking. It is necessary to reduce harmful elements and gases, improve the uniformity and purity of the composition, reduce non-metallic inclusions in duplex stainless steel seamless pipes and change their distribution methods.

310s stainless steel seamless pipe spot, when the composition of the stainless steel seamless pipe billet is uneven and severe segregation occurs, the rolled steel pipe will show a serious band structure, thereby reducing the mechanical properties and corrosion properties of the steel pipe, or even not qualified. Non-metallic inclusions are pressed into thin sheets, which will not only affect the performance of the stainless steel seamless pipe, but also cause the pipe to rupture during the production process.

Secondly, perfect the casting and cooling process of 310s stainless steel seamless pipe to reduce subcutaneous bubbles, subcutaneous cracks, pores and shrinkage holes. Stainless steel welded pipe cannot be ignored, because these defects may cause defects in the piercing and rolling process, and some defects are in use. Post-amplification shortens the service life of the product; in severe cases, the intermediate product will be directly scrapped, such as folding inward. In addition, the shape deviation of the stainless steel seamless tube blank, such as straightness, diameter and ovality, will directly affect the quality of the perforation and lead to the quality of the waste tube.