Several common measuring methods of 310s stainless steel pipe length

1. Camera length measurement.

  Camera length measurement uses image processing to measure the length of steel pipes. The principle of 310s stainless steel pipe is to install a series of photoelectric switches at equal distances on a certain section of the steel pipe conveying roller table, and add a light source and a camera on the other section. When the steel pipe passes through this area, the length of the steel pipe can be determined according to the position of a photoelectric switch on the screen where the image is picked up by the camera.

  The feature is that online measurement can be achieved. The length of the steel pipe can be obtained when it passes through the 310s stainless steel pipe area in the length measurement area, without gaps. The disadvantage is that if the special light source is not used, the steel pipe will be interfered by external light. However, after the special light source is used, the high brightness of the pipe end after the chamfering of the steel pipe will reflect the light strongly, which is likely to cause reading errors.

  2. Length measurement with grating ruler

  The basic principle is: 310s stainless steel pipes are placed on the outer sides of the two ends of the steel pipe and two fixed-length grating scales are installed. The rodless cylinder is used to drive the grating scale close to the two ends of the steel pipe, and the light interference phenomenon is used to realize the measurement of the length of the steel pipe.

  The characteristic is high accuracy. However, the grating ruler is expensive and the 310s stainless steel tube is difficult to maintain, and it is very sensitive to the influence of dust and site vibration.